Branding & Brand Identity Systems


While it’s easy to confuse these two concepts, they are distinct from one another. However, they’re also intricately entwined. In truth, a brand identity system is a critical contributor to a company’s branding. Without a strong brand identity system, the company would lack the personality and “punch” that defines effective branding.

Confused yet?

Not to worry—Rainman Creative’s team of creative professionals are experts in branding and brand identity systems. We’ll help you fit all the pieces together in just the right way. We’ll empower your company to get the messages out about your brand, in the ways you want to convey them, to the customers you want to reach.

What is a Branding?

As a concept, branding is both simple and sophisticated. At its heart, branding is about the memories, emotions, relationships and emotional connections a brand elicits from its customers and from the public in general.

Branding might be thought of as the sum total of a person’s experiences with a company. A branding identity system is an important part of branding, but so is quality customer service and the ways people talk about a company to others. At its most basic level, branding is about how a brand makes people feel.

In the social media era, the “word-of-mouth” aspect of branding has become especially critical: A single customer can spread one positive or negative review to millions with a mouse click. As such, web design and social media have become integral to company branding.

Rainman Creative will work with you on the various aspects of branding to create optimal user-experiences. We are experts at designing, planning and executing brand strategy. Our team of creative professionals is skilled at crafting memorable, positive branding experiences. From social media, to online reviews to beautiful, responsive website design, we can help position your brand to get ahead of the competition and stay there.

What is a Brand Identify System?

What’s your vision for your business? We know you have one. Maybe you find it difficult to translate it into dazzling reality. Or maybe you’ve got imaginative designs and concepts in mind, but can’t quite transform them into final, perfected results.

A brand identity system (also called a visual identity or visual identity system) is the sum total of visual schemes, colors and designs a business or organization deploys to represent and promote its brand. Brand identity systems can be compromised of multiple components, including:

• Graphics
• Predefined color schemes and fonts
• Logos, seals, emblems, website headers, etc.

At Rainman Creative, our team of web designers is expert at diving into your brand and its customer base, focusing on the nuances of your vision, along with the needs of your business and customers. We’ll collaborate with you to craft a customized, eye-catching brand identity that creates instant recognition, contributing to a more-distinctive user experience.

Best of all, your brand identity system needn’t, necessarily, be confined to your website. The identity we help you create can also be translated into the real-world. Real-world brand identity collaterals might include stationary, brochures, leaflets, signage, and even key messages and positioning statements.

Rainman Creative’s comprehensive suite of branding-related services also includes:


Logo Design

Your company logo is one of the most important, recognizable elements of your brand identity. Good logos create instant identification among customers and potential customers.

Rainman Creative’s team of creative web design experts will work with you to find the right blend of color and catchphrases, of shapes and styles to create a distinctive logo that conveys your brand identity just the way you envision.


Branding Analysis

What are your current branding strengths? What are your branding weaknesses? Who is your target customer? How effectively are you reaching them? What are your current goals for improving your reach? How do you currently set your goals into motion?

Rainman Creative’s brand management services start with an analysis of your current branding scheme. We’ll work with you to answer the above questions and to set a course for where you’d like to position your brand.


Branding Positioning

If your goal-set is lacking, we’ll help you enhance and refine it. Or we’ll help you create an entirely new set of goals and priorities based on where you want your brand to go. Then we’ll organize, create, construct, mobilize and execute your branding strategy. We’ll work tirelessly to put your business on the map and in the minds and memories of your customers and prospective clients.


Unified Execution

Another critical piece of the branding puzzle is maintaining unified, seamless user experiences across multiple devices, screen sizes and platforms. This is where Rainman Creative’s use of Responsive Web Design (RWD) comes into play. RWD technology allows a website to render and deliver its content based on the specific device and screen size in use.

Unified execution, however, also extends to message and branding consistency across social media platforms and webpages. Rainman Creative’s team will work with you to establish and maintain that consistency.

No matter your visitors’ device, social media platform or page of choice, we’ll make sure your branding messages come through loud, clear, and consistent with every click and page request.