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SEO: A Primer

Search engine optimization (SEO), be it local, regional or broader, is the process of augmenting page content to be more accessible to search engine bots. Generally speaking, the better a page’s SEO, the higher it ranks in organic search engine page results.

A “bot” is an automated piece of software used by search engines to access, analyze and assess a webpage’s content. Bots do their job by “crawling” pages. Google’s bot is known as ‘Googlebot.’

When Googlebot crawls a page, it looks for specific words and phrases that explain what the content’s about. These words and phrases are known as ‘keywords.’

Googlebot also analyses and assesses any hyperlinks built into your content leading to other pages on your own domain (internal links) or to other domain pages unaffiliated with your site (outbound links).

One other important piece of the SEO puzzle is known as inbound links or backlinks. Backlinks are links to your pages from other domain pages and sites unaffiliated with your domain.

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Local and Regional SEO

Some elements of SEO are fairly straightforward. Others—most notably, inbound links aren’t. Regardless, it’s important to remember that all SEO, but especially regional and local search engine optimization is more marathon than sprint.

Of course, the race is always on to stay ahead of the competition, and to continually adapt and evolve your site using the latest technologies. However, even if you post a piece of content that’s perfect from an local SEO standpoint (which, arguably, might not be possible), no single post or page will do much by itself to improve search rankings.

Our SEO Services


Content Writing & Revision

Rainman Creative uses professional, in-house writers to create succinct, highly-focused, local and regional SEO-optimized content for your pages.


Keyword Optimization

Rainman Creative’s SEO team uses the latest SEO keyword tools to research which keywords and phrases are trending, which aren’t and which are most relevant to your audience and your marketing goals. We then apply that research by integrating those keywords and phrases into your existing content—or by generating new content.

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We build links into your content to other related pages across your own domain and to other domain pages across the internet. It’s important to note, too, that consistently producing new, SEO optimized content with outgoing links to other domains can help you build backlinks. This occurs because the more content and outgoing links you produce, the more likely you are to rise in search rankings, get spotted by other sites and build a following.


Blogging & Social Media

Blog content is a great way to build an SEO presence. At Rainman Creative, we can help optimize your blog for search engines. We can also work with you to create a regular blog that’s SEO-optimized. As mentioned, consistency is an important factor in SEO. We’ll also help you align and integrate your social media pages into your blogging strategy.



Analytics allow us to measure the effectiveness of your keyword usage and of your outgoing links, along with the quality and number of your backlinks. Analytics can also be used to generate statistics on,

• Lead captures;
• Specific marketing campaigns and goals;
• Geographic locations of users;
• Click numbers for a specific page or piece of content;
• Many, many other site-specific measures.


Google Verification

Google verification is one of the most important pieces of local and regional search engine optimization. When someone in your service area enters a search term into Google related to your products, if you want your business to rise to the top of local results (which are distinct from the primary results), Google Verification is the starting point.

Never heard of Google Verification? Maybe you’re familiar with it, but not sure how to complete the process. Not to worry: Our SEO team will walk you through the verification process to put your business on Google’s local map.

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