Web Hosting & Maintenance

Web Hosting & Maintenance

So maybe you’re wondering: Why is it important for my web design company to provide onsite hosting and maintenance? Good question.

Enhanced Coordination

With all your content hosted in-house on our internal servers, we’re able build your site through direct communication with you.

Rainman Social Media Marketing

We connect your company and consumers through the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and more. Our social media marketing services will help you,

Build relationships with your customers

Expand your online presence and visibility

Reach more consumers

Establish and maintain your brand's credibility

Define your company's tone and voice



Greater Agility, Scalability & Flexibility

Our onsite website hosting and maintenance services allow us to build your site or make revisions quicker, with fewer steps and fewer wasted resources. Such scalability means content can be added, deleted or revised as needed. Our onsite hosting and maintenance solutions put you in the driver’s seat:

• Image additions, deletions or modifications
• Text additions, deletions or general revisions
• Updates to product listings and inventory
• Updates to banners and other graphics
• Other changes as needed/requested.


Improved Customer Support

Onsite web hosting and maintenance greatly improves our ability to deliver quick, professional website design solutions and customer service. We can readily address,

• Basic site glitches
• Email support issues
• Everything in between


Greater Security

In-house hosting also means in-house security, which is highly advantageous for your site and business. Because we deploy all your site’s security solutions, we can track any potential or ongoing threats with greater precision and responsiveness. We use only the most up-to-date, cutting-edge security solutions and tools, making sure they’re continually up-to-date. That means you maximum, ever-adapting protection against:

• Malware
• Viruses
• Hackers
• Other Security Threats as the Develop



Our business email hosting services enable us to create business-specific email addresses with your customized website domain. Our email hosting solutions also include spam protection, along with on-demand access to your email from,

• Outlook
• Webmail
• Mobile phones and other devices
• Various other outlets


Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a technology that enables websites to automatically adapt their appearance to the specific device and screen size in use:

• Desktops
• Tablets
• Smartphones
• Laptops

We build RWD into every site. Since we provide website maintenance services onsite, you get web design solutions to fit every screen and every device.


The Bottom Line

Besides all the important benefits we’ve listed above, a final critical benefit of onsite web hosting and maintenance is one that’s always important: Your bottom line. Our all-in-one, in-house website maintenance solutions save you money. Period.

Rainman Creative, San Antonio, Texas, can help you achieve all your social media, web design and digital brand management goals. Contact us today for a free consultation.